Claiming and Contesting Representation in Mexico

Claiming and Contesting Representation in Mexico

Meanings, Practices and Settings

Edited by Fernando Castaños, Silvia Inclán and Michael Saward

Claiming and Contesting Representation in Mexico

Claiming and Contesting Representation in Mexico


Mexico is a country whose global political and economic significance are rapidly increasing. This book offers the first in-depth English-language analysis of the politics of representation in Mexico.

Through innovative conceptual work and original case studies, the book explores important trends in Mexican politics and governance through the lens of representation, including who speaks and stands for whom, on what grounds and in what domains and the challenges they face.

Revealing a significant portrait of major tensions in and challenges to democracy across Mexico emerges, this book will be of interest to those researching current trends in the theory and practice of political representation, and readers looking for new perspectives on Mexican politics and governance.

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“With focused and original analyses of political and social representation, including studies of established and emergent groups and identities, this book provides invaluable insights into the dynamics of representation in Mexico. It also makes a significant contribution to our understanding of democracy, shining a new light on how political demands are deeply influenced by time and place.” Jorge Cadena-Roa, Execuive Secretary, Mexican Social Science Council, Consejo Mexicano de Ciencias Sociales (COMECSO).

“A vital book for understanding representative politics, moving between deeply researched case studies and theoretical reflection to show how diverse styles of performing representation may reinvigorate or harm democracy.” Eline Severs, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


1. Introduction – Fernando Castaños and Silvia Inclán

2. Representation: Disputable Claims, Contestable Concept – Fernando Castaños and Alejandro Monsiváis

3. Representation in Complex Associative Systems: Exclusion and Embodiment – Matilde Luna and José Luis Velasco

4. Paths to Agreement in Participatory Democracy: Three Cases in Yucatán – Cristina Puga

5. Daring Mexico City’s Government To Deliberate: Interplay Between Representation and Participation – Iván Islas

6. Contesting Gender Representation in Oaxaca’s Indigenous Communities – Carina Galar

7. Ontological and Political Representation in Community Development Discourse – Scott McLean and Laura Montes De Oca

8. Acting as a Representative: The Case of the Executive Council of Global Corporations – Ricardo Tirado and Fernando Castaños

9. Delivering Genuine Change and National Redemption: Representative Claims in Mexico’s 2018 Election – Alejandro Monsiváis and Fernando Castaños

Afterword: The Travels and Travails of Political Representation – Michael Saward

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