The Future We the People Need

The Future We the People Need
Voices from New Social Movements in North Africa, Middle East, Europe & North America


February 2013

  • The outcome document from the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20—entitled »The Future We Want«—does not go nearly far enough to articulate what the vast majority of people around the world need, facing a future constrained by income and wealth inequalities, volatile and fragile financial and economic systems, resource depletion, global warming, and other planetary boundaries.
  • This publication highlights the perspectives of new social, trade union, and protest movements in regions that have experienced great social upheaval due to recent crises—North Africa and the Middle East, Europe, and North America. These movements have challenged the unequal state of the world and the lack of accountability of governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Greece, Spain, Ireland, the US, Canada and Mexico. They have managed to change the political discourse in ways formerly considered impossible.
  • With contributions from 20 authors, this publication poses a number of urgent questions:
    • „„How can new social movements convert more of their alternative ideas into practical policy?
    • „„Will governments and political parties be able to adapt fast enough to tackle peoples’ needs?
    • „„Can there be reinvention of the global governance system to enable more democratic, global multilateral cooperation?

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The Future We the People Need by Difusión LAOMS

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