Human Rights in Numbers

Zeitschrift für Menschenrechte/ Journal for HumanRights 1/2019
“Human Rights in Numbers”

Empirically reviewing the situation of the current state of human rights is a methodologically challenging endeavor of great political importance. The questions of how the conditions of human rights in a country are and how the respective states implement or violate human rights are usually the starting point for governmental as well as non-governmental efforts to better protect human rights. At the same time, the methodological deliberate recording of the human rights situation is also scientifically important.

Scientists and practitioners are invited to contribute to the Zeitschrift für Menschenrechte/ Journal for HumanRights 1/2019 with the focus on “Human Rights in Numbers”. The orientation and choice of topic is open. Highly welcomed are a) theoretical articles, which pursue the question to what extent human rights can be numerically expressed, or b) concep- tual articles dealing with, for example, the advantages and limitations of indicators, indexes, rankings, or c) empirical articles discussing the gathering and use of quantitative information on select human rights problems, or d) articles critically reflecting on the application of such data as a political tool, in public discourse or in educational work. In the end, it is not only a critical recognition but also a well-founded critique of the use of quantitative data on human rights.

If you are interested please send in a brief exposé with a topic proposal by 15 November 2018. The deadline for accepted contributions is 15 February 2019. The submissions will undergo a peer-review-process.

We hope to have sparked your interest and would be very glad to receive your contribution!


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