Journal of World-Systems Research, vol.24, num.2

The newest issue of the Journal of World-Systems Research includes two special features of interest to scholars of social movements.  

Authors in this issue of the Journal of World-Systems Research provide fresh analyses of Populisms in the World-System, which examine the forces driving populism’s resurgence and help readers understand today’s populist politics in global and systemic terms. They offer insights into how progressive leaders and activists can work both to reduce the resonance of authoritarian, exclusionary populist messages and to develop strategies for confronting the underlying causes of today’s social polarization.

This issue also features—in addition to our regular research articles and world-historical information sections—a special collection of book reviews on Counter-Hegemony in the Current Conjuncture, which examines a selection from a growing set of work on possible alternatives to globalized capitalism and the social movements organizing to advance these alternatives.

Journal of World-Systems Research

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