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International Society for Third-Sector Research

10 de septiembre
Civil Society Policy Impact Award Winners (Presented in English)

10 am New York. (Click here to see what time this is for you) This webinar is open to the public. Moderator: Barbara Ibrahim, ISTR Board Member, The American University in Cairo

Presenter: Ines Pousadela, CIVICUS / Universidad ORT, Uruguay

How to Change the World: The Experience of the Uruguayan Women’s Rights Movement

This is a compelling account of the country-wide effort of women’s organizations and other civil society groups to overturn the criminalization of abortion in Uruguay. In a highly controversial policy area, Pousadela does an outstanding job of identifying the key political factors both supporting and opposing the change in law.

Presenters: Aline Goncalves de Souza and  Eduardo Pannunzio, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), Brasil
The Role of CSOs and Academy in Changing Public Policy: A Brief Case Study of Provisional Measures 870/2019

When there was a threat to civil society under a new government plan to introduce highly restrictive NGO legislation, one researcher wrote and circulated a detailed working paper. That document galvanized a national campaign and ultimately improved the provisions of the approved law of associations.


14 de septiembre
Global Discussion: Surveys Methodologies, Samples Size, Technology: How are you adapting your research in time of COVID?

2 pm UTC/ 10 am New York. Click here to see what time this is for you. This webinar is open to the public. To register click  here.

This session will focus on the experience of researchers from around the globe during the COVID-19 crisis, and global social movements. The different scenarios worldwide will provide the lens to look into how have methodologies changed and adapted and what are the initial researches that have come from these circumstances.

This discussion is an opportunity to exchange perspectives from researchers from various backgrounds to understand the impact of COVID-19 on philanthropic research.

The session is co-organized by ISTR and WINGS’ RADE – Researchers, Academics, and Data Enthusiasts in Philanthropy Affinity Group.

16 de septiembre
Law & Regulation Affinity Group Informal Gathering

10 am New York, (Click here to see what time this is for you)

This meeting is open to the public. Click  here to register.

Join us for an informal gathering of the ISTR Law and Regulation Affinity Group. We look forward to hearing what you’ve been doing in our extraordinary times and about your research. We will also plan to meet in person at ISTR 2021 in Montreal!

Moderated by Mark Sidel, Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

25 de septiembre
Book club presentation
Nonprofit Crisis Management: Response to COVID-19

2 pm New York  (Click here to what time this is for you)

This Webinar is open to the public.  Click here  to register.

By Heather Carpenter, Dr. Norman A. Dolch, Timothy J. Hoffman, Roseanne M. Mirabella, & Helen K. Wise. Sagamore. 2020

Join us for a conversation with the authors. This book was developed in response to student questions in our classes this past spring when our campuses were shutdown and the whole country was figuring out how to respond to the pandemic. It is a book responding to student interest and embraces stories of actual nonprofit organizations and their responses to those they serve, their employees, and the health challenges of Covid-19 and shelter-in-place orders across the country. It shares insight on a range of topics from leadership, fundraising, personnel issues, and risk management, to name a few.

29 de septiembre
Reunión Regional ISTR América Latina y el Caribe / Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Network Meeting

10:00 am New York. Click here to see what time this is for you.
This meeting is open to the public. To register, click here.

30 de septiembre
Research on Volunteering Affinity Group Meeting

17:00-18:30 Kimberly, South Africa  (see what time this is for you )
This Webinar is open to the public.  Click here  to register.

Moderated by Jacob Mati, Sol Plaatje University, South Africa

This Webinar is open to members of the affinity group and those interested in joining the conversation about research on volunteering. Join us for an informal gathering to learn about new research taking place, opportunities for collaboration, and discuss ideas for future research. Help set the agenda for this meeting by sharing your ideas during the registration process.

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