Social Movements in a Polarized Global Age

Research Initiative Seminar
  “Social Movements in the Global Age”

by Geoffrey Pleyers
At the College of World Studies

Five years after the start of a global wave of movements that have erupted dozens of countries on all continents, 2016 will be remember as the year of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the ‘No’ to the referendum for peace in Colombia. Have social movements stopped to produce and transform their society, as Touraine stated in the 1970s? The current panorama rather pleas for better taking into account both progressive and conservative movements, the latter having been overlooked by social movement research in the last decades.

This panel will reflect on the way our world is transformed by social movements, both by right-wing popular movements, violent waves of repression against activists and the back of authoritarian regimes with popular support; and by progressive movements and resistances such as Nuit Debout and the ZAD in France, citizens protests in Romania and Bulgaria or alternative rooted in local and daily life.


  • Markus S. Schulz, New School for Social Research, New York City. Vice-President of the International Sociological Association
  • Laurence Cox, Maynooth University, Ireland. Founding editor of “Interface”
  • Geoffrey Pleyers, FNRS/University of Louvain, Collège d’Etudes Mondiales & Research Committee 47 of the International Sociological Association ​


Friday, March 24 | 15h-19h
Batiment France | Council Room A
190 avenue de France | 75013 Paris
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