UK Forum on Cultural Diplomacy

UK Forum on Cultural Diplomacy

“From Ending Conflicts via Copping Migration to Restoring Growth: Advanced Cultural Diplomacy Methods”
London; February 27th – 29th, 2024

Forum Overview

The UK Forum on Democracy & Peace will take place in London and will present successful cultural diplomacy practices that can be applied to remedy and ease growing global challenges. The forum will include keynote addresses, lectures, interactive panel discussions and debates in order to explore new methods of advanced cultural diplomacy for engagement.


Within the realms of the political systems, the economy and international relations, the year 2023 has brought with it increased constraints, in size and weight, on all parts of society. From shop lootings with a lack of police involvement, to climate change activism, to ungovernable migration and growing challenges in global politics, the UK and other democracies are confronted with paramount challenges. The UK citizens are not alone in facing these challenges as those or similar crucial issues are occupying the agenda of every citizen and all democracies, around the globe. Solutions, however, are not at hand, and the inner discourse between the diverse parts of societies is also seriously damaged and fractured, which adds to the chaos. Dialogue, understanding and trust are not in sight and the desired internal and international cooperation is in a fragile and delicate situation.

These disputes that can be seen from distance, are seeping fast into all areas and dimensions of society, including those areas that were heavily socially protected up until only a few years ago. The public dialogue has become toxic, the actions are evermore violent, and the results are bringing sights that belong to alarming movies from decades ago.

Holding the opposing sides to the center by calling for dialogue and compromise was always the core goal of cultural diplomacy. In such an era, cultural diplomacy is therefore a priceless field to develop and to apply in order to force back the coming winds of war. In our article about the “Belle Epoque” (available here) we have compared a similar time in European history that at the end, enabled the First World War. It is now clear to all, that continuing in the current pathway might bring us, although in a different way, to similar outcomes.

In light of the significance of the above-mentioned issues, we have initiated the UK Forum on Cultural Diplomacy in order to review and analyze methods of cultural diplomacy that can be used and support the great efforts of society to move back onto a safe course. The forum will bring together speakers and delegates from a diverse range of fields to focus on effective implementation strategies of cultural diplomacy. The forum will also be placing particular emphasis on the role that cultural diplomacy can play among the Commonwealth members in achieving greater cooperation and collaboration, thus promoting prosperity and stability.

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