3rd PhD Workshop (RC48 Social Movements / ISA)

RC48 Social Movements, Collective Action and Social Change

International Sociological Association

About this PhD Workshop

The aim of the ISA RC48 PhD Workshop is to invite international PhD students working in the field of social movements to discuss their doctoral projects in an open and helpful environment. Each participant will have the opportunity to present her/his doctoral project in a stimulating international setting and receive theoretical and methodological feedback from both senior and junior scholars as well as other students.

The Workshop will discuss recent developments in the field, publication, and career strategies, and provide an opportunity to network with other social movements scholars within the ISA community.

PhD Workshop guidelines

The workshop welcomes submissions by doctoral students at any stage of their PhD, as well as students who are close to complete their PhD. Proposals are welcome in the areas of social movements and collective action.

Proposals should be submitted in English in the form of extended abstracts. The abstracts should not exceed 1,000 words and should be submitted by March 10, 2023. The abstract and a short bio (max 300 words) must be sent by email to one of the workshop organisers (see below).

Proposals will be selected by the Scientific Committee. Participants will be selected following a peer-review process and on the basis of the scientific excellence of their proposal, but a fair balance between different regions and areas of social movements research will also be considered.

Future participants will receive the outcome of their application on March 17, 2023. The PhD Students must become an ISA RC48 members before the Workshop.

The workshop will take place in Melbourne, Australia on June 24, 2023 (from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm), just a day before the opening of the XX ISA World Congress of Sociology (June 25 – July 1, 2023). RC48 will provide refreshments and lunch during the workshop. RC48 cannot provide funding for accommodation, travel, orconference fees.

All selected participants will be required to submit a full paper (no more than 8,000 words) in Word format by June 5, 2023, to the workshop organizers. This is essential in order to make sure that participants get the most out of this workshop.

Papers will be circulated in advance and allocated to the discussants. An exception will be made for early- stage doctoral students, from whom only a short paper is required (no more than 3,000 words).

Submission process

We kindly ask you to apply only if you accept these terms of conditions and are prepared to follow the proposed guidelines and deadlines.

Workshop organisers:

Liana M. Daher (daher@unict.it)

Benjamin Tejerina (b.tejerina@ehu.eus)

Tova Benski (tovabenski@gmail.com)

Camilo Tamayo Gómez (camilotamayogomez@gmail.com)

Natalia Miranda (natalia.miranda@cas.au.dk)

More information

https://isarc48.wordpress.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/isarc48/

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