After Seattle. Call for reflection and celebration

Were you part of the N30 protests against the WTO in Seattle?

This November is the 20-year anniversary.

“After Seattle” is a collection of biographical notes about how that experience shaped us.

If you were there, you are invited to contribute a text from 20 to 2000 words.

On 30.November 2019 the collection will be made public at and thereafter published by Punctum Books.

We hope that this collection will serve as a centerpiece for celebrations.


Deadline for contributions: September 30, 2019.

Writers are invited to reflect on the short- and long-term effects of Seattle on your personal and political life and work.

Writers may use any name but will be asked to answer a few questions for verification. Answers to verification questions will not be public or published.

Contributions may be edited for clarity. Names of third parties may be redacted. Writers will have the option to review the edit before publication.

How to contribute: visit, answer verification questions, and paste your short text or upload your doc file.

About the editor: Amory Starr stood in a human chain barricade at 7th and Pine from early in the morning until the barricades were disbanded in the late afternoon. You can read her action report here: After participating in 10 mass actions and writing extensively about alterglobalization, the political economy of food, and the social control of dissent, she retired from academic life in 2009. She currently lives in Berlin. You can learn more about her work at

This project is manifest in honor and gratitude to John Long (1973-2017), who was with us there.

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