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Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos Call for Papers

Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos (MS/EM) is a bilingual journal dedicated to publishing scholarship pertaining to Mexico, broadly defined. The journal takes an international approach and engages a range of disciplinary frameworks, fields, and perspectives to understand the various economic, social, and cultural issues related to Mexico. The journal aims to foster collaboration amongst scholars and to publish scholarly articles, review essays, and book reviews that inform policy discussions and debates regarding both Mexicans and Mexico.

MS/EM seeks original interdisciplinary scholarship in English and Spanish from history, cultural studies, and the humanities and is particularly interested in expanding publication of scholarship in the social sciences. At a critical time when key issues regarding Mexico and its nationals in the country and abroad occupy a central place in public and political debates, the journal offers a privileged outlet to publish robust scholarly contributions that can inform these topics and discussions. We encourage submissions from anthropology, political science, sociology, and related disciplines that address contemporary economic, social, and cultural issues pertaining to Mexico and its relations to the United States, and other countries in the Americas.

Topics of particular interest include:

  • Power and politics
  • Labor
  • Migration and immigration
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Inequality
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Violence
  • Ethnicity and indigenous peoples
  • Social movements

Original research submissions should be submitted via Scholastica. Please review the journal’s author guidelines prior to submission.

Sample articles include:

Banking on Remittances? How opening a bank account in the United States affects Mexican migrants sending money back to Mexico 
Benjamin W. Barrett, T. Elizabeth Durden, Bucknell University

Arrested Development: The Slow Start to Mexican Direct Democracy
Juvenal J. Cortés, Occidental College

Children Circulating Between the U.S. and Mexico: Fractured Schooling and Linguistic Ruptures
Catalina Panait and Víctor Zúñiga, Tecnológico de Monterrey.

In an effort to address contemporary issues, the journal also publishes special issues and thematic sections that provide an opportunity for showcasing innovative research on critical and timely topics facing Mexico today. Recent examples include:

Please direct all editorial inquiries, including special issue proposals to:
Christian Zlolniski, University of Texas at Arlington

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