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Black Lives Matter Online Virtual Issue

Information, Communication & Society

Information, Communication & Society

Like millions of other academics and citizens worldwide we have been shocked and appalled by the brutal killing of George Floyd as yet another example of the unrelenting and deep-seated racism in our societies. iCS like many other journals has always sought to publish and disseminate research findings that address questions of race, ethnicity and discrimination in order to expose such injustices. It is of course no surprise that the discrimination found in everyday life is sadly replicated online and through social media. Following the suggestion of one of our Editorial Team, Victor Avila Torres, we have selected the following published articles dealing with online racism, discrimination and discursive oppression for wider circulation. In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign they are now freely available to download and share.

Anastasia Kanjere (2018) Defending Race Privileges on the Internet: How witness uses innocence discourse online

Jen Schradie (2012) The Trend of Class, Race and Ethnicity in Social Media Inequality

Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández (2017) Platformed Racism: the mediation and circulation of an Australian race-based controversy on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Summer Harlow and Anna Benbrook (2017) How #Blacklivesmatter: Exploring the role of hip-hop celebrities in constructing racial identity on Black Twitter

Andre Brock, Lynette Kvasny and Kayla Hales (2010) Cultural Appropriations of Technical Capital: Black women, weblogs and digital divide

Kishonna L. Gray (2012) Intersecting Oppressions and Online Communities: Examining the experiences of women of color on Xbox Live

Apryl Williams and Vanessa Gonlin (2017) I Got All My Sisters With Me (On Black Twitter): Second screening of ‘How to get away with murder’ as a discourse on black womanhood

Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert and Christopher Anderson (2016) The Mobile Internet and Digital Citizenship in African-American and Latino Communities

Deborah Gabriel (2016) Blogging while Black, British and Female: a critical study on discursive activism

Seeta Pena Gangadharan and Jedrzej Niklas (2019) Decentering Technology in Discourse on Discrimination

Correa, T. and Jeong, S.H. (2010) Race and Online Content Creation: Why minorities are actively participating in the Web

Kanjere, A. (2018) Defending race privilege on the Internet: how whiteness uses innocence discourse online

Lu. J.H., and Steele, C.K. (2019) ‘Joy as resistance’: cross-platform resilience and (re)invention of Black oral culture online

Book Reviews:

Yan Wang (2018) Constructing Digital Cultures: Tweets, trends, race and gender by Judith E. Rosenbaum

Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius (2019) Algorithms of Oppression: How search engines reinforce racism by Safya Umoja Noble

iCS Senior Editorial Team

Brian D. Loader –  University of York, UK

Journal Secretary:
Sarah Shrive-Morrison

Associate Editor:
Dan Mercea – City, University of London, UK

North American Editor
Leah Lievrouw – University of California Los Angles, USA

Asian Editor
Jack Qiu –  The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

African Editor
Bosch, Tanja – University of Cape Town, South Africa

South American Editor
Rousiley Maia – Federal University of Minas Gerias, Brazil.

Review Editors
Sally Osei-Appiah – University of Leeds, UK
Victor Avila Torres – University of York, UK

Social Media Editors
Maria Kyriakidou – Cardiff Unversity, UK
Holly Steel – University of Leeds, UK

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