Investigating Vaccine Controversies during the Covid-19 Pandemic


Special Issue on: “Investigating Vaccine Controversies during the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Vol. 15, No. 3 (2022).

Guest editors: Niccolò Bertuzzi, Erica Lagalisse, Elisa Lello, Giampietro Gobo and Barbara Sena


Politics During and After Covid-19: Science, Health and Social Protest
Niccolò Bertuzzi, Erica Lagalisse, Elisa Lello, Giampietro Gobo, Barbara Sena

Special Issue

The Scientific Controversy on Covid-19 and the Image of Science as an Expert System: Comparing the Debate in Italy and UK
Fabio Lucchini, Michele Marzulli
The “Green Pass” Controversy in the Italian Twittersphere: a Digital Methods Mapping
Federico Pilati, Andrea Miconi
Early Home Therapies against Covid-19. An Italian Case of Politicisation of Science?
Enrico Campo, Matteo De Toffoli, Giampietro Gobo, Fabrizio Strata
Looking at Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy through a macro perspective. A comparative study of Italy, Poland and Portugal
Silvia Cervia, Maja Sawicka, Barbara Sena, Mauro Serapioni
From Availability to Accessibility. Vaccination Proximity in a Social Clinic in Palermo
Sara Vallerani
Understanding the Impact of (Anti-)Racism on Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation Decision-Making
Sophie Webb
Virtuosos of Mimesis and Mimicry: a Case Study of Movements Propagating Conspiracy Theories in Ireland and Poland
Elżbieta Drążkiewicz
Vaccine hesitancy and refusal during the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy: Individualistic claims or repoliticization?
Elisa Lello, Niccolò Bertuzzi, Marco Pedroni, Luca Raffini
Free choice in the making: Vaccine-related activism as an alternative form of citizenship during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Barbara Morsello, Paolo Giardullo
Waves in Cycle: The protests against anti-contagion measures and vaccination in Covid-19 times in Italy
Donatella della Porta, Anna Lavizzari
The Anti-Restrictions Movement and the Populist Counterpublics in Denmark
Óscar García Agustín, Anita Nissen
The technocratic reason in the government of emergency. A theoretical analysis on the management of the Covid-19 epidemic
Emilio Gardini
The Conspiracy Theory/Vaccine Hesitancy nexus as rhetorical boundary work. A critical analysis of the production of scientific ignorance in literature reviews
Nicola Stocco

Open Section

From Loopholes to Deinstitutionalization: The Platform Economy and the Undermining of Labor and Social Security Institutions
Fabian Beckmann, Fabian Hoose
We Must Draw a Different Future! Insights from the Frontline Anti-Violence Work During the Pandemic in Italy
Pietro Demurtas, Caterina Peroni
The Macerata Shooting: Digital Movements of Opinion in the Hybrid Media System
Guido Anselmi, Marcello Maneri, Fabio Quassoli
Towards the Formation of Genuine European Parties? Examining and Comparing the Cases of DiEM25 and Volt Europa
Panos Panayotu, Giorgos Katsambekis
University-Industry Relations in the Oil and Gas Sector in Russia
Marco Cilento, Alessandro Tinti
Teaching Italian and Reconfiguring Citizenship: The Case of Language Volunteers in Migrant Education
Maurizio Artero
Unemployment and Social Participation: The Joint Role of Individual and Contextual Unemployment in Europe
Leo Azzollini


Movements and Parties: An Introduction
Manuela Caiani
Movements and Parties by Sidney Tarrow
Daniela R. Piccio
Notes on Sidney Tarrow’s Movements and Parties
Donatella della Porta
Movements and Parties: Beyond Contentious Performances
Rebecca Neaera Abers, Débora Cristina Rezende de Almeida, Marisa von Bülow
Overcoming Movement Centrism
Dieter Rucht
Sidney Tarrow Breaches Boundaries
Mona El-Ghobashy
Movements, Parties, and Hybrids
Santiago Anria
From Parties to Movements: Studying the Radical Right with Sidney Tarrow
Michael Minkenberg
Understanding the Birth, Quality and Collapse of Democratic Regimes through Movement-Party Interactions
Lorenzo Mosca

Book Reviews

Gary Alan Fine, The Hinge. Civil Society, Group Cultures and the Power of Local Commitments. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2021.
Sebastiano Citroni
Nicolas Duvoux and Nadége Vezinat (eds) (2022). La santé sociale, Paris: Puf.
Sara Vallerani

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