The Movements of Movements: What Makes Us Move?

The full text of Jai Sen’s edited collection “The Movements of Movements: what makes us move?” is now available free online at This is an advance online version; the book will be published in 2017 by PM Press and OpenWord. Volume II of the same collection, “The Movements of Movements: rethinking our dance” will be available via shortly. The publishers are making the books free in advance for discussion and debate in social movements, activist groups, academic courses and online on a not-for-republication basis.

Table of Contents

Front Pages, including :

  • Acknowledgements & Credits
  • Notes on the Editors
  • Notes on the Contributors

Proem : Shailja Patel – What Moves Us

Introduction : Jai Sen – The Movements of Movements : An Introduction and an Exploration


1.1 David McNally – From the Mountains of Chiapas to the Streets of Seattle : This is What Democracy Looks Like

1.2 Fouad Kalouche and Eric Mielants – Antisystemic Movements and Transformations of the World-System, 1968–1989

1.3 André C Drainville – Beyond Altermondialisme : Anti-Capitalist Dialectic of Presence

1.4 Tariq Ali – Storming Heaven : Where Has The Rage Gone ?

1.5 Taiaiake Alfred and Jeff Corntassel – Being Indigenous : Resurgences against Contemporary Colonialism

1.6 Andrea Smith – Indigenous Feminism and the Heteropatriachal State

1.7 Xochitl Leyva Solano – Geopolitics of Knowledge and the Neo-Zapatista Social Movement Networks

The Movements of Movements :
Struggles for Other Worlds

2.1 Anand Teltumbde – Anti-Imperialism, Dalits, and the Annihilation of Caste

2.2 Jeff Corntassel – Rethinking Self-Determination : Lessons from the Indigenous-Rights Discourse

2.3 Xochitl Leyva Solano and Christopher Gunderson – The Tapestry of Neo-Zapatismo : Origins and Development

2.4 Roma and Ashok Choudhary – Ecological Justice and Forest Right Movements in India : State and Militancy – New Challenges

2.5 Emilie Hayes – Open Space in Movement : Reading Three Waves of Feminism

2.6 Virginia Vargas – International Feminisms : New Syntheses, New Directions

2.7 Lee Cormie – Re-Creating the World : Communities of Faith in the Struggles for Other Possible Worlds

2.8 François Houtart – Mahmoud Mohamed Taha : Islamic Witness in the Contemporary World

2.9 James Toth – Local Islam Gone Global : The Roots of Religious Militancy in Egypt and its Transnational Transformation

2.10 Roel Meijer – Fighting for Another World : Yusuf Al-‘Uyairi’s Conceptualisation of Praxis and the Permanent Salafi Revolution

2.11 Peter Waterman – The Networked Internationalism of Labour’s Others

2.12 Cho Hee-Yeon – From Anti-Imperialist to Anti-Empire : The Crystallisation of the Anti-Globalisation Movement in South Korea

2.13 Emir Sader – The Weakest Link ? Neoliberalism in Latin America

2.14 Daniel Bensaïd – The Return of Strategy

2.15 Peter North and David Featherstone – Localisation as Radical Praxis and the New Politics of Climate Change

2.16 Guillermo Delgado-P – Refounding Bolivia : Exploring the Possibility and Paradox of a Social Movements State

2.17 Alex Khasnabish – Forward Dreaming : Zapatismo and the Radical Imagination


Laurence Cox – ‘Learning to be Loyal to Each Other’ : Conversations, Alliances, and Arguments in the Movements of Movements


Compiled, comprehensive Bibliography for The Movements of Movements, Part 1 : What Makes Us Move?


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