Partecipazione & Conflitto (PaCo) Vol. 13, No. 3 (2020)

“Squatting and Urban Commons” & “Judicial Populism”

Partecipazione & Conflitto (PaCo) Vol. 13, No. 3 (2020)

Partecipazione & Conflitto (PaCo) Vol. 13, No. 3 (2020)

SPECIAL ISSUE/1: “Squatting and Urban Commons”
Guest Editors:Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska


Squatting and Urban Commons: Creating Alternatives to Neoliberalism
Miguel A. Martínez, Dominika V. Polanska

Squat to Work. Squatted Workspaces, the Commons and Solidarity Economies in Europe
Luca Calafati

Squatted and Self-Managed Social Centres in Mexico City: Four Case Studies from 1978-2020
Robert González, Diego de Santiago, Marco Antonio Rodríguez

Navigating the Limits of Capitalism to Resist Urban Marginality: The Case of the Casa Madiba Network
Greta Rauleac

Governing without Governed and Governors: An Attempt to Establish a Non-Hierarchical Organizational Repertoire
Lukáš Kotyk

City-Level Action in a City-Wide Urban Commons. Amsterdam, 1977-1983
Hans Pruijt

Squatting, Commons and Conflict: A Discussion of Squatting’s Challenges to the Commons
Galvão Debelle dos Santos

In Search of Urban Commons Through Squatting: The Role of Knowledge Sharing in the Creation and Organization of Everyday Utopian Spaces in Sweden
Dominika V. Polanska, Timothy Weldon

Empty Space, Open Space. Claiming, Reaching and Remembering Common Ground in Urban Squats. Haga in the 1980’s
Ann Ighe

Urban Commons from an Anti-Capitalist Approach
Miguel A. Martínez

SPECIAL ISSUE/2: “Judicial Populism”
Guest Editors: Paul Blokker and Oscar Mazzoleni


Judicial Populism: The Rule of the People against the Rule of Law
Paul Blokker, Oscar Mazzoleni

In the Name of Sovereignty. Right-Wing Populism and the Power of the Judiciary in Western Europe
Oscar Mazzoleni, Gerrit Voerman

Populist Understandings of the Law: A Conservative Backlash?
Paul Blokker

Populism, Constitution Making, and the Rule of Law in Latin America
Carlos de la Torre, Felipe Burbano de Lara

Populist Punitiveness in the Italian Populistic Yellow-Green Government
Stefano Anastasìa, Manuel Anselmi

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