Social Movement Networks in Times of Crisis

ECPR General Conference
University of Innsbruck, Austria
26 – 28 August 2020


The Political Networks Section aims to provide a multidisciplinary space of convergence for scholars that, while holding diverse research interests share an analytic approach to network processes in political life, coupled with strong attention to the integration of theory and empirical data. Political networks are conceived of in a broad sense – as defined around political actors, events that are relevant to the political biographies of individuals as well as around the use of digital communication technologies within political dynamics. Thus, ties can consist of exchanges of resources, information, and symbols, as well as of collaborations and communications that may occur both on- and offline. This section proposal is endorsed by the Standing Group on Political Networks.

Based on successful past ECPR General Comference Sections, the Political Network Section includes the following panels:

Panel 1: Social Movement Networks in Times of Crisis
Chairs: Katia Pilati, Eva Fernandez Guzman
Discussants: Nina Eggert, Mario Diani

The last decade has seen a number of contentious actions that developed across Europe and beyond, part of which unleashed with the 2008 crisis. This panel aims to explore alliances and repertoires of actions by challengers active in contentious politics and/or groups operating in service and good provision addressing the economic, environmental, social, and political consequences of the economic crisis. The following dimensions of networks are expected to be explored: a) the nature of alliances: specifically, the types of ties; the types of alliance structures, and clustering effects between groups and services; b) the type of actors involved in the networks; c) the degree of contentiousness; and d) the frames and collective identities at stake within networks.

Abstracts should be sent to Katia Pilati ( or to Eva Fernandez ( by February 15th. The full panel proposal will then be submitted to the ECPR on 19 February 2020. All those kind enough to submit abstracts will be kept up to date on progress throughout.

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