The Multidimensional Impact of Neoliberalism on Mexico

Latin American Perspectives
The Multidimensional Impact of Neoliberalism on Mexico

Introduction by Steve Ellner
Issue 233 | Volume 47 | Number 6 | November 2020

“The Multidimensional Impact of Neoliberalism on Mexico” examines neoliberal policies that clashed with the Mexican revolution’s legacy of state intervention in the economy and set the stage for the presidential triumph of López Obrador in 2018. Articles deal with human rights violation from the 1970s “dirty wars” to Ayotzinapa; legislative formulations that threaten the rights of indigenous people; urban planning promoting social exclusion in Mexico City; the devastating effect of globalized agricultural production on biological diversity and labor exploitation; corporate-based tourism that strengthens gender, class, and ethnic differences; and climate change and neoliberal policies that stimulate urbanization.

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